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Squirting during S*x is Normal – It is Called Female Ejaculation

Squirting is when a woman releases fluid around the urethra. What you experienced, my friend, was female ejaculation. It’s common and is often confused with urine, as it feels quite similar. But here’s the good part: The release of that liquid, similar to the release of sperm in a man, is a result of intense G-spot stimulation. So whatever you and your guy were doing, you were doing it right.

While it’s possible to pee a little during sex, it’s not as likely. Your bladder has to be pretty full to leak. The sensation of needing to pee is a good thing, too; it’s a sign that an orgasm is headed your way.

Fantasy Or Put-Off

To some, it is a fantasy come true, a scene straight from porn. To others it is worthy of the title “most embarrassing moment ever.”

It isn’t getting a visit from Aunt Flow during intercourse or peeing while in the midst of the deed — not that either of these are desirable sexual occurrences.

The matter at hand is female ejaculation, better known as the act of “squirting.” Believe it or not, every woman ejaculates. It just depends on where and when the burst of love juices is expelled.

Squirting is typically shunned and denounced as disgusting, and, when faced with an acquisition, is fought tooth and nail against until the claims have been dropped. Simply because it is wrongly associated with urinating on a partner, the bed, couch, floor or wherever the dirty is taking place, squirting is considered to be a disgraceful act.

Squirt Is Not Urine

So — just to clarify — despite popular belief, squirting is not urine. Hopefully this is a relief to anyone who has experienced female ejaculation firsthand. No longer can it be chalked up to a drunken mistake or lack of peeing beforehand.

According to Dr. Laura Berman, a sex and relationship expert and frequent guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Dr. Oz Show,” all women experience ejaculation during intercourse, but most women are not relaxed enough to actually squirt.

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Instead, once the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot, is pleasured continuously in a rhythmic pattern to the point of orgasm, women tend to experience “retrograde ejaculation,” according to Berman during an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

For all those who haven’t been able to locate a woman’s G-spot yet a quick route is to feel for a squishy area a few inches into the vagina in the direction toward the bladder.

The G-Spot

Berman said that retrograde ejaculation occurs during an intense, G-spot stimulated orgasm because women “clench and squeeze in when (they) reach orgasm.” This causes the tsunami to be redirected up into the bladder instead of flowing out and drenching the sheets.

In fact, she said any woman can learn the talent of squirting by relaxing and, instead of clenching, imitating the pushing sensation felt when trying to urinate. This will direct the flow outward as opposed to inward.

Don’t worry about actually peeing. Every “how to squirt” advice piece assures that it will feel like a peeing sensation, but instead of urine you get the pleasure of encountering another bodily fluid.

In the book “The Clitoral Truth” by Rebecca Chalker, she references two studies that support the fact that women are not peeing — even if the act is simulated.

One study was performed by a female student at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and the other by Spanish researchers at the World Congress of Sexology in Valencia, Spain. Berman further confirmed the studies during her appearance on “Oprah.”

Every study referenced collected samples from women after orgasm. The juices expelled by squirters were compared to the urine of non-squirters. Both samples showed the presence of a prostate stimulating antigen, or PSA.

Berman said that PSA is a chemical originating in the Skene’s glands, or what is now being referred to as the “female prostate.” PSA is similar to the semen generated by the male prostate glands, so it is easy to see the comparison between the two.

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The trickiest part of it all is getting the woman to relax enough to shoot out instead of in. If it is mastered, Berman said “a much more intense orgasm” will be the reward.

It is even noted that lesbians are more prone to be squirters because they experience stimulation focused mainly on the clitoris and G-spot regions of the vagina — both of which are heightened pleasure zones when trying to orgasm — basic Sex Ed people. Combine this with their less self-conscious sexual views, and it is the perfect recipe to uncover the hidden talent of squirting.


So how much sexual eruption can someone who encounters a squirter expect? This question is yet to have a definitive answer.

According to Chalker, it depends on factors like environment, lifestyle, diet and testosterone levels in women. However, those who experience the phenomenon of squirting say they can expect anything from a few drops to four ounces of love.

Four ounces is more liquid than there is in a double shot, not that one would want to take a double shot of these juices; imagine what the chaser would be.

The women who tend to expel larger amounts of liquid surpass the level of squirter and are known as “gushers.” Women classified as gushers must take extra precaution when becoming a freak in the sheets.

Extreme cases have even reported that doing the deed on top of towels doesn’t provide enough material to protect sheets from the flow. One woman quoted in “The Clitoral Truth” said she had to revert to performing intercourse on the floor until she began to use a “lambskin mat” that was able to successfully soak everything up before the sheets were ruined.

Squirting Is A Talent – Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

The one thing reinforced throughout the study of squirting is that it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, according to “The Clitoral Truth,” the art of female ejaculation was mentioned as far back as 500 B.C. in Chinese and Indian sexual advice books.

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Squirting is a special talent that should be embraced and celebrated by society, instead of just glorified in the porn industry. Berman even said that, although she does not, there are experts that teach women how to squirt because, believe it or not, it is a sought after skill.

So next time the sex is so great that you are on the verge of an orgasm, take it to the next level, relax, don’t clench in and let the love juices flow.

When You or Your Guy Is Embarrassed

Call your guy and get together and chat. Tell him you felt/feel embarrassed. Explain that you got some information and want to let him in on what really went down. He will probably be pleased to hear it. What happened is actually positive for you two, and not just because you located your G-spot. You two shared an embarrassing moment, something that all couples eventually experience. If he’s mature and comfortable with himself, and with bodies in general, he will get over his initial squeamishness and laugh with you about the whole thing. These kinds of moments can bring you closer.

However, if you feel his reaction was over the top and made you feel even more self-conscious and horrified, then maybe he’s not the most sensitive person. You want to invest in a guy who is able to step up in a delicate or humiliating moment. Your partner ought to find a way to assuage your discomfort instead of making you want to flee. Think about it before you move forward. But, most importantly, know that you are 100 percent OK.


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