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‘I’m Just Trying To Get Some Regular S*x On A Regular Basis’-Musician

How will you react when a woman walks up to you and reveals that she desires to be sexed-up regularly? How about the person being very sexy, raunchy and on top of it all a musician and dancer? Wow sounds like a dream right?

Melody Thornton, a former member of the famed girls band Pussycat Dolls has confessed, during an appearance on British show Celebs Go Dating that all she needs right now is to be in a stable relationship and get regular sex.

Despite her good looks and sexy persona, Melody revealed she hasn’t had a proper boyfriend since been a teen. She said this was as a result of her career she prioritized more than any other thing her life, including relationships. The musician who is now 32 is hoping to have her dream come true via the famous Celebs Go Dating Show.

Melody Thornton also took the opportunity to pass some commentary about her former group. The all-girls band achieved considerable success between 2003-2010, with Nicole Scherzinger being their poster girl. She revealed that she joined the group to sing. However she was converted to a dancer to allow the spotlight on Nicole, something she didn’t liked at all.

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