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Audio: This Gospel Musician Claims Pastors Push Ghanaian Gospel Musicians To Go For ‘Juju’

Gospel musician Nyamedie has confirmed to Zionfelix in an interview that some gospel musicians use ‘juju’ for their ministration.

She, however, asked the public not to fault these persons because they will not visit fetish priests for black magic if all was well. She blamed pastors for pushing singers in their churches to go for juju just to be recognized as gospel musicians in the country. The worried gospel musician speaking to Zionfelix Sunday afternoon disclosed that many pastors do not give helping hands to singers in their churches when they need help to release an album.

According to her, these men of God try to kill the talent of gospel musicians in their churches when they realise the musicians will be respected more than them if they succeed as singers. She added that there are several anointed singers at different churches who can make miracles happen but because they do not get the needed help from pastors they think of alternatives.

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The female gospel musician continued that these persons after suffering at church without getting help from the leaders turn to seek help from fetish priests because that is the only solution left for them.

“It is true that most gospel musicians go for “juju” to help their career. I believe pastors are the reason why most of these people go for juju. I’m saying this because pastors are to nurture and help musicians in their churches.

There can be a singer at church who is very anointed but because that person is not the pastor’s favourite, they will not give the person a chance to minister. There are several people who have good songs but because all attention will be given to them instead of the pastor if they are helped, they will try to hinder their progress.
There are some people who have been worshipping God for long hoping their shine will come but since they are not getting the support from humans, they run to a fetish priest for “juju”.” She noted.

When Zionfelix.net asked if she has a proof to her claim that gospel musicians go for juju, she answered “there is no job in this country you will not hear details when you join. Even if you have not seen it yourself, you will hear what is going on in there. I’ve not seen anyone going for juju but I’ve heard it.”

Nyamedie speaking about her music career said she is a typical example of talents pastors failed to help when they needed assistance at the early stages of their career.

Nyamedie released her first album, “Ebe Yie” in November 2016. The 8-track album features only SP. Kofi Sarpong on “Woye Ohene” track.

Listen to Nyamedie’s interview with Zionfelix below:

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