7 Old School Kenyan Artistes Who Are Still Releasing Great Music

The lines between old school and new school music are blending more than ever.

A good number of Kenyan artistes who were popular when many of us were kids are still killing it in the game. A prime example of someone many could consider old school but they still reign supreme is Redsan. He remains one of the most popular artistes in the country and has been relevant for over 15 years. In the list below, you’d be surprised by just how many old school acts are still relevant.

1. Nonini.

Despite being one of the guys that made mainstream music popular, Nonini still drops hits. His latest song ‘Hii Ni Ya’ is an infectious musical composition with a video shot in Dubai. That’s a clear case of the legends still setting the standards. Which current Kenyan artistes has even thought of shooting a video in the UAE? It’s clear that the Genge Godfather doesn’t settle. Every time it’s felt like his career peaked, he finds new ceilings to chase.


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2. Redsan.

Is it just me or does it seem like all female artistes nowadays want to collabo with Redsan? From Victoria Kimani to Vivian to Nyla. They all want a piece of him. Redsan always has something great to offer and he’s gifted with that superstar look. Plus, his willingness to not take himself too seriously (like when he released a Naija sounding jam) often pays dividends. Even his ‘Not Normal’ song is kinda catchy! You can never count him out.


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Nameless will never not be relevant. Thanks to his incredible voice, his undeniable charisma, and his infinite style, he’s forever just one flow away from the top of the charts. Whenever he puts himself the right position (like the way he dropped a Baganda tune) he’ll always guarantee a hit.

nameless kenya

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5. Wyre.

Let’s be honest. Wyre is the gold standard of hard work in the Kenyan music industry. He has mastered his genre in a way no other Kenyan artiste has ever mastered theirs. Despite using the same singing style since he came out in the early 2000s, he continues to impress us with his longevity and ability to constantly redefine his brand as an artist.

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Jua Cali is an original. There was never anyone like him before and there won’t be anyone after. But despite being close to two decades in the game, he’s still as hardworking as ever. He is a veteran artiste Jua Cali, but he is always full booked and he keeps fire burning by dropping a new jam every six months at least.

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6. Sanaipei Tande.

Sanaipei isn’t as hugely popular as she was when she dropped tracks like ‘Kwaheri’, but she’s maintained artistic relevance longer than almost anyone in Kenyan music. She still appears in interviews too frequently you might be tempted to think she’s a shareholder in the media companies.  Her latest song ‘Amina’ is one of the most unusual of her career. It gets in your soul, without losing the kind of loose experimentation that found the singer divulging highly personal lyrics one moment and dropping irreverent party tracks the next, or bringing the two topics together on the same song.

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7. Wahu.

The one-time MAMA award winner isn’t the deadly force she once was, but she is still making huge moves in the game. She drops a song whenever she feels like and it always ends up doing well.

wahu kenyan musicians

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