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This Parody Of Willy Paul And Alaine’s ‘Yes I Do’ Is The Funniest Thing You Will Watch Today

Willy Paul and Alaine’s ‘Yes I Do’ has been one of 2017’s biggest songs in Kenya.

It currently sits at over 2 million views.

That’s quite impressive for a Kenyan song….or rather a Kenyan-Jamaican song. Many artists only of such numbers, They pray to the gods for such numbers, but the gods hit them back with, “You are not ready my dear. You are not there yet. Work harder.”

Anyway, someone has now made a parody of the song.

Alaine and Willy Paul

Images: Instagram

In the hilarious clip. a guy uses the same tune to sing about a cockroach that he has just killed.

The man sings ‘Issa Dudu’ (It’s an insect) instead of ‘Yes I Do.’ He claims the cockroach had been disturbing him for a long time and its reign of terror has finally come to an end.

It really is an insane clip. Let me say no more.

Watch the parody below:


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