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Shatta Wale Calls For GHAMRO To Pay Him His Royalties Or He’ll Go ‘Haywire’

‘Dancehall king’ Shatta Wale has taken on and subdued many bigger and better brands than GHAMRO so we’re guessing they probably do not want him turning his eyes on them right now.

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation, which is in charge of receiving and distributing royalties to musicians in Ghana, has routinely been criticised by many stars for not giving their the royalties they collect.

Latest to make that complaint is Shatta Wale, who is threatening war if he does not receive what is owed him.

“GHAMRO ARE YOU READY TO PAY MY ROYALTIES OR YOU WANT ME TO GO HAYWIRE!!” the controversial star posted on Facebook.

Reggie and Bollie in recent times have also complained about not being paid royalties by GHAMRO, despite the organisation taking in tens of thousands of cedis in their name.

Let’s hope Shatta Wale goes haywire soon.