DJ Akuaa on her recent awards Nominations: “I am Very Grateful for the Acknowledgment”

DJ Akuaa has expressed her gratitude for the acknowledgement of her work by awards scheme organizers.

The US based DJ has received two nominations in the past four weeks: Best International Ghanaian DJ of the Year‘ at the 2017 Ghana DJ Awards and Best Ghana / USA DJ of the Year at the 2017 Ghana Entertainment Awards USA.

Akuaa told livefmghana.com, the nominations show her work and talent has been recognized. Da Spinstress adds that competing with people who looks up to feels like “an honour” and “a win.”

“I play music for the love, passion, and most importantly, to make others feel good, I just so happen to have the title ‘DISC JOCKEY.’ The nominations surprised me, and I’m still overwhelmed. It feels great for my work and talent to be recognized, and I haven’t been pigeonholed.” says an excited DJ Akuaa.
She also thanked her fan base for their consistent support for her craft.

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Maryland based Dj Akuaa is one the hottest DJ’s currently in the D.C, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area.
Originally from Ghana, Akuaa is a talented spinstress with a vast knowledge of music to match. Although music has always played a major role in her life, DJing never crossed her mind as a child.
It was in 2010 that she was introduced to the art of Djing by the DMV’s own Dj Albert. Albert reinforced Akuaa’s appreciation and love for music.
Through hard work and dedication, Akuaa quickly climbed up the ranks to become the DJ of choice for entertainment functions, weddings, outdoorings, funerals, as well as playing at some of the hottest nightclubs internationally.

It is hard to pigeonhole Akuaa into one specific subgenre; she plays all types of music such as hiplife, highlife, reggae, soca, funk, afrobeat, dancehall, hip hop, R & B, house, zouk etc. Her travels have exposed her to the world of music and sounds, which she incorporates into her music that brings sensual, emotional, exotic and hypnotic beats to her crowds.
At each event, she manages to showcase her enthusiasm for her work through persistence and a sense of professionalism. She defies conformity, defines quality and continues to nurture her skills by infusing her own passion into the music. Over these few years, she has made a name for herself in the US and also internationally, people have taken note of her skills.

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One of the most humble artists out there, Akuaa is inspirational in her approach to deliver unforgettable dance experiences where all are touched and moved to feel the music. She is one of the most promising and respected Djs out right now and as she continues to better her skills, her popularity will only continue to rise with her loyal following of celebrities, artists and music enthusiasts worldwide.

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