Shatta Wale Hasn’t Received His Royalties Because He Didn’t Fill His Forms Properly – GHAMRO

The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) are probably not too happy about Shatta Wale turning their sights on them.

After the ‘dancehall king’ threatened to ‘go haywire’ unless he received his royalties, GHAMRO has responded to say the royalties are there but have not been paid to Shatta because he did not fill out his forms properly.

Prince Tsegah, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the body, revealed that the problem is with Shatta Wale’s application, which hasn’t been properly filled.

“He has submitted his works but Bandex didn’t complete the forms adequately, so we don’t have his account details, But we are trying to reach him for further and better particulars to officially complete the process. As we speak, his cash is available,” Tsegah said to pour cold water on the impending crisis.

GHAMRO, apparently, aren’t ready to have Shatta ‘bie gya’ on their necks.