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LOL! A Classic Case of Celebrity & Lies: Bow Wow Busted On Twitter for Claiming He Was Flying in A Private Jet By A Passenger On the Same Plane With Him

While Ghanaian Celebrities are worst at these lies meant to add some substance to their celebrity credibility, even the American stars do it–they always lie to give fans the impression that they are living big.

For those whose life goals are found on social media, there’s a constant pressure on them to live like these celebrities–when the celebrities themselves are not living the lie they present.

Bow Wow

American rapper- Shad Moss, popularly known as Bow Wow yesterday posted a photo on his Instagram that showed a private jet, indicating he was travelling to New York for his “Growing Up Hip Hop” press run.


But that was a big LIE–he was travelling alright, but by a passenger plane like everyone else. He had taken that photo from the internet to make his fans feel he’s living large–the celebrity lifestyle.

Unfortunate for Bow Wow, a twitter user who had seen his earlier post was on the same plane with him so he snapped a shot of Bow Wow seated in a passenger plane and telling fans he’s on a private jet.

That’s shameful but these celebrities will never stop this.

In Ghana, they buy fake LV bags and pretend to everyone including themselves that what they are holding are real.