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Make Mother’s Day A Remarkable Day-Nana Hayford Urges Women

Veteran Ghanaian actress, philanthropist, TV show host and radio presenter Nana HayfordDomfeh,has pleaded with women(mothers) to make this year’s mother’s day a remarkable one by being the followers of Christ in whatever they do, “be it hardship or happiness”.

She said Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers for their achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figures, so mothers should remember this and continue to be responsible Mothers.

Nana Hayford said women specifically mothers should spend on their children education and stop unnecessary buying, so as to mould the children into what they predict them to be in future.

“We should stop practice of wasting huge sums of money on funeral dresses and save, whilst children cannot get the basic necessities for schooling, such as pens and exercise books, their parents will spend money on clothes for the funeral of a relative when the need arises,” she said.

According to Nana Hayford, parents should follow the biblical quotation which says “train the children the way he or she should grow so, that they will not depart from it when they grow”.

She urged parents to avoid evil or cursing words (like “it will not be well with you and others) to their children, “as a parent, you can use blessings words, Fathers and mothers have the spiritual authority to bless their children. Just like Aaron, you can put the name of the Lord on your kids so God will bless and protect them” she added.

“Women please, let us learn how to save money and stop the unnecessary expenses so that we can prosper” she added.

Nana HayfordDomfeh said this when she was lecturing women in a seminar at Emmanuel Worship center in Abesim of the Brong Ahafo region.

The seminar which was under the theme” Efficiency Vs Effectiveness of the Business of Motherhood”, was organized by Rev. Christiana Obiri Yeaboah, wife of Prophet Obiri Yeboah founder of Emmanuel Worship Center.

“Be happy to be a woman because God have a reason for making you a woman and not a man” she motivated women.

“We should pray and make it a determination to get their own man and not to be a second wife so that in judgments we will get the better place to stand, Women concentrate on your homes much not only your work and think of birth intervals”

Meanwhile Rev. Christiana Obiri Yeaboah also in an interview with Sunyani based Radio Metro 90.5FM, said the seminar is aimed to educate women especially Motherhood on how they will save money and make their homes happy place.

She said “women should try to start working or start doing any small scale business, as Romans 8:28 that he (God) will turn things around even if it not good to be the best for us”.

“We should make a budget; create a savings category within it. Try to put away 10–15 percent of your income as savings. If your expenses are so high that you can’t save that much, it might be time to cut back. To do so, identify non-essentials that you can spend less” she stated.