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A-Plus Supports Shatta Wale – Says Money And Sustainability More Important Than Awards

Shatta Wale tweeted after he failed to land a BET awards nomination that he has no time for such ‘nkwasias3m’, and his industry colleague A Plus seems to agree.

A new post from the outspoken musician/comedian expresses strong support for Shatta’s position, that money and remaining relevant in the industry should be what really matters and not winning awards.

After the release of the BET Awards nominations on Monday saw Stonebwoy getting nominated but not Shatta, the ‘dancehall king’ has taken to social media to express why he doesn’t really give a crap about not being nominated.

“I dont want any fan of mine to feel bad about any BET…My skin is too strong now for such Nkwasias3m from this educated fools in our industry..” he tweeted.

“My B.E.C.E certificate sef ano know where edeh..Then we deh come worry about BET…#Money deh call me for my brain….” he added.

In a new Facebook post, A Plus concurs. The ‘Aben Be Bom’ hitmaker, however, is not choosing sides – also congratulating Stonebwoy on receiving a nomination.

Read his post below…

What makes me happy is where Stonbouy came from, what he has gone through and how far he has come. He has worked hard and God has blessed him

What drives me crazy is how far my brother Charles Nii Armah Mensah aka Shatta Wale has taken the game. That guy is a legend!!! His attitude towards work is amazing. His understanding of showbiz is the definition if “SHOW-BUSINESS” Itself.

What I hope is that their efforts bring more money and sustainability. Not just awards. I prefer to be the son of a Fulani herdsman who leaves me thousands of cattle after his death to the son of a professor who leaves me his certificates…. If you like, go to the bank right now and tell them you are the son of professor whoever, so you want a loan and see if you’ll get it. But let the bank hear that there is this son of a Fulani herdsman who inherited thousands of cattle. They will put on their neck tie and go looking for him.

Certificate and awards are good. But ? #DoesICare ???????