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Shatta Wale Kidnapped My Boy Over Ghc 600 – Bulldog

Former manager of Shatta Wale, Bulldog, has revealed that Shatta Wale kidnapped one of his workers over a simple GHAMRO payment of Ghc 600 and the case is now a police issue.

You would recall days ago when Shatta Wale revealed on Facebook Live that GHAMRO told him they had made some payments to him through a Bullhaus representative, who Shatta confronted but who denied he had received any money.

Speaking on Hitz Fm in Accra, Bulldog peeled back on what really happened to his employee, who he claims was kidnapped by Shatta Wale. Bulldog also expressed surprise that Shatta, who always claims to be rich, would kidnap someone over Ghc 600.

“I thought they were into music.” he said. [Kidnap] for 600 Ghana Cedis? I thought these guys were rich. He made it seem as if we have squandered some huge money. We won’t squander his money …” he said.

He said his boy received a call from someone in Shatta’s camp, and when he arrived two of Shatta’s goons jumped him to ask for the money.

“We have taken steps to report to the regional CID. They are working on the case. We thought it was a girl calling him for business. Unknowingly, it was one of Shatta Wale’s guys, Bone and blade who masterminded the kidnap plan.

“I think it’s unlawful and they don’t have the right to do that. You can’t take the law into your hands. I had to find out. He is even sick. The thing is still eating him up. This is a serious offense. . I don’t want confrontation with them when we get there, they would know the truth in the matter. . It is not huge money but that is how they have made it seem…”

“Maybe he needs to pump his tire or buy gum with the money. The money came to me. I received the money. They should have kidnapped me….” He added.