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Take An *Uncensored* Glance At Princess Shyngle’s Infamous ‘Weija’ Waist And Hips + MORE Mindblowing Shots (Photos)

Princess Shyngle has the most sensational waist in GH showbiz, no question – the waist that was once described by Nana Akua Addo as being bought from Weija.

Why Weija? Only God knows.

Anyway, Shyngle has used so many things to contort her body into the shape it is now, and no matter the warnings over health implications, she insists everything is perfectly safe.

In a recent Instagram post, Shyngle once again puts her assets on display, showing off her raw waist and hips in the photo.

Amazing photo below…

The biggest step in any relationship isn’t the first kiss ….. It’s the first fart ???? #justforlaughs #melaninonfleek

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