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Stephanie Benson Broke Her Virginity A Day To Her Wedding, This Is Why

Forever young singer, mother of 5 and sister to Akosua Agyapong, Stephanie Benson has revealed her hymen was torn just a day to her wedding and she explained the hilarious rationale behind her act which Christianity frowns upon.

The 46-year-old Uk/Ghana base Jazz Queen was having a conversation on Joy Fm’s Drive Time with Lexis Bill.

According to Stephanie, she had an agreement with John who is now her husband that they wouldn’t have s*x until she ties the knot with him but realities prompted her to change her mind last minute.

The Singer expressed that, out of anticipation and curiosity to get her expected satisfaction from her first s*x, she realized on the day of their wedding, her husband (John) could have been drunk after the ceremony and his “pistol” might not even get hard for a thrilling bedroom action later in their privacy. Therefore, to avoid this disappointment, she opted to break her virginity asap.

She told Lexis, “I did on the eve of my wedding because I just thought that the whole anticipation of waiting on the wedding night because I know [he] will be drunk, whether you will be able to get it up, you don’t know, so I just thought that let’s just do it the day before”

Stephanie Benson is one of the few honest celebrities out there who don’t apply cosmetics on facts but says it as it is. She wears what she wants to wear to any red carpet without fear of any bashing. Despite her age, she can even snatch Medikal from Sister Derby at a snap of a finger because she has everything that can please a young man. She recently released a song with Okyeame Kwame titled “Barima No“

Watch the official video below: