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E-Daniels launches debut album

Exceptional… Outstanding… Remarkable!

I can’t help but use superlatives in trying to describe the public presentation/launch of E-Daniels’ debut album, Love Song. Really in my opinion, it was more than just an event; it was an exceptional, outstanding and remarkable experience.

The venue was Hope Alive Christian Center Wuse II Abuja, which in my opinion was small enough to give that homely feel yet large enough to accommodate the throng of excited and expectant crowd whom E-Daniels described as ‘radiating with beauty’. From the red-carpet entry point to the main auditorium and even the overflow, the ambience was simply electrifying and the people that came from across Nigeria and beyond were immediately met with an atmosphere saturated with energy; the kind of positive energy that exudes from E-Daniels.

For those that never knew E-Daniels or had not met him before, this was a rare opportunity to not only see him performing live but to be served with an elaborate and elucidated exposition of his persona via his biography that was read out, while he sat through, smiling as usual – that charming endearing smile that is one irrevocable feature of E-Daniels.

As he opened the stage, leading the audience into a session of worship with his powerful rendition of ‘You Are the Lord’, I immediately knew that my expectation for the event would not be cut short. I was caught up in the power of worship as Prosper Ochimana took the stage and translated to a realm of wonder when Bishop bass took over in a session of High Praise. One couldn’t help but be inspired and enthralled in awe at the marvellous things that God is doing through the lives of these great men.

The energy never dropped as E-Daniels blessed the audience with one powerful song after the other from his debut album. There was the inspiring Pop Ballad ‘Beauty’, then ‘Alheri’ featuring the talented Phil AJ. There was also a wonderful duet ‘My Everything’ with the beautiful Miracle Lagang then as the energy cadenced, there came an electrifying Hausa Rock Song ‘Kiyaye Ni’ performed with the legendary Solomon Lange. And Oh! I can’t forget the remix of ‘Milagode’ dished out as a sizzle by the prolific MC Yaks, who anchored the event, rapping his way into the hearts of the audience. In fact every performance of the night was absolutely thrilling.

So as I drove back home, helping myself with mouthfuls of the tantalizing small chops that were served, I couldn’t help laughing as I recalled several stories that E-Daniels, whom I must say was at the peak of his humour, shared that night and I remember thinking to myself; what an experience I will cherish for a long time to come. Simply Exceptional… Outstanding… Remarkable!

  1. The LOVE SONG album release tour continues with the next stop at Suleja, Niger state on the 4th of June. You have another opportunity to partake of this experience.

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By John Wakawa