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I Have A Better Relationship With Nana Akufo-Addo -Rex Omar

Board Chairman of the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Owusu Marfo, has taken a swipe at critics making claims that his affiliation to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), will make it difficult for him to succeed.

Answering a question at a workshop held for some selected journalists at the Copyright Office here in Accra, Wednesday June 29, 2017, the renowned musician, dispelled suggestions that he will find difficult to work as board chair.

Mr. Owusu Marfo stressed that the constitution of Ghana gives every citizen the right to join any association he or she wants to. The voting population he noted can all not support one political party hence his choice to join NDC.

His support for the NDC, he added should not affect his work nor create enemies for him.

‘’The constitution of Ghana guarantees freedom of Association, Freedom of Speech. If all of us were made to join one political party, Ghana will be nothing. All of us agreed in 1992, to belong to wherever political party we want to belong to and that is a right. Nobody joins GHAMRO because you are from NPP, NDC, CPP or wherever. You are a member of GHAMRO based on your work and you assign your right to GHAMRO. That is why in GHAMRO, we don’t have political colours. It is non-partisan, it is strictly business based on assigning your rights.’’ He proudly said, ‘’yes of course, I supported former President Mahama, I supported NDC, I am an NDC and I am proud of my party, but that should not take away my right as a right owner, and a member of GHAMRO. I don’t believe that the fact that I supported one political party, makes me an enemy of NPP or an enemy of Nana Akufo-Addo…I have a better relationship with Nana Akufo-Addo than most of the people who claim to know me. I have better friends in NPP than even in my own party. My lawyer is NPP, my brother is NPP and in my own family, I am the only NDC,’’ he emphasized.

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