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I Slept With About 300 Women In My Life And 10% Of My S*x Was Anal S*x – Wanlov

GhanaGrio.com earlier reported how Wanlov The Kuborlor revealed that he masturbates twice every week if he doesn’t have s*x.

We have a development on that story concerning the total number of girls, the “My Toto” hitmaker has chopped down his entire life and it’s insane. A song he said he wrote out of real life experience after a girl he banged sent him that message later after their bout.

According to Wanlov who has about 5 Baby mothers and about 6 children, he has whooped the “pum-pum” of about 300 girls worldwide.

Speaking on ETV he said he can’t exactly remember the total number because he never sat down to analyze it all but he is confident it’s around 300 if not more.

Just like Vicky Zugah, the musician also confessed that he has had anal s*x a number of times but that will only be like 10% of all the s*x he has had. Breaking it down, Wanlov said he started practicing anal s*x only three years ago.

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About which type of women he had anal s*x with, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu said about 3 Africans and 10 Westerners. He clarifies that out of the 3 Africans, one is Ghanaian but lives abroad. He told the host of ‘In Bed With Adwen‘.

Free spirited Wanlov, who seems to know a lot about Anal s*x explained that such act is very common in East Africa than Europe. Detailing why one will even use the back door during any s*xual intercourse he said menstruation is one of the reasons apart from curiosity and adventure.

What Do You Make Of WanLov And This His S*xual Revelations?

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