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My S*x Scenes With Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in ‘Alter Ego’ Were Real – Wale Ojo

The Alter Ego blockbuster movie produced under the auspices of Nollywood has been reported to have some extremely romantic scenes that have been questioned by the audience.

After watching the trailer of Alter Ego; the latest movie of Nollywood veterans, Omotola Jalade and Wale Ojo; one would be forced to wonder the reactions of their spouses, seeing them play such erotic roles together.

While Omotola who has been married for over 10 years revealed that she sought the permission of her quite understanding husband, Captain Matthew Ekeinde, Wale Ojo, although not married said he also spoke with his partner.

When Golden Pearl Media quizzed to know why the movie hunk is not ready to get married, the Phone Swap star, said he is not ready for marriage yet.

According to him: ‘I don’t know if there’s a problem with marriage, but I like being in a relationship without the pressure of marriage.Whenever I want to play s*x roles in a movie, I discuss with my partner. ‎I enjoy myself more without marriage or its pressure.”

‎Wale even confessed that all the s*x scenes he played with Omotola Jalade were real and natural.

“My s*x scenes with Omotola are very easy. After all, I am a s*xy person. I don’t see it as that hard. Omotola and I are great friends, so it was very easy for us to have that chemistry and do what we had to do. It wasn’t difficult at all. Our kisses were real. We grabbed each other, we were passionate, it is natural. It is real.”‎

When asked if he felt something emotionally while the act was going on, the United Kingdom returnee said, “Of course, you have to have an emotion to do this. We are good friends, so things worked out well. It wasn’t that hard. I always love playing the bad guy role.”‎

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