Roselyn Ngissah talks about Kumawood movie industry

Stunning Ghanaian Actress, Roselyn Ngissah has revealed why she might not accept a role from the kumawood industry. Her reason had to do with the financial power of some of the movie producers in the local movie industry.

Speaking in an interview with RTV Ghana, the versatile actress who fits in both the Ghallywood and Kumawood movie industries bemoaned difficulties in featuring in a Kumawood–produced movie due to low fees being offered by the producers in the industry.

She added that acting was her main profession so she did not take her contract negotiations lightly which made her services to look expensive. The actress revealed that she receives lots of calls from movie producers in Kumawood but she had to turn the offers down because both parties could not come to an agreement in terms of the charges she demanded for her services.

Adding to the issue of financial constraint on the part of the movie producers, the actress said that she also had to turn down some offers due to conflicts in scheduling. Roselyn Ngissah has starred in many movies including Adams Apples and Letters to my Mother.

In recent times actress Yvonne Okoro also revealed her readiness to accept from Kumawood movie producers on the conditions of better remuneration and good timing. She indicated that she held actors and actresses in the Kumawood movie industry in high esteem. Read more: https://yen.com.gh/95846-roselyn-ngissah-talks-kumawood-movie-industry.html