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Let 20 Year Boys Mash Your “Tonga” If Your Husband Cheat On You — Watch Outrageous Advice From Afia Schwartznegger

Not to be too quick to describe this as the dumbest relationship advice ever, watch for yourself and see Afia Schwarzenegger (the carbon copy) seriously advising her friends on what to do if their husbands are chronic cheats.

The Afia Schwarzenegger actress is seen passionately telling her colleagues in the video below that it pays to wait to watch your husband cheat and see him get a stroke in his 70s so as you can teasingly retaliate appropriately just to give him high blood pressure.

Her retaliation here means for the woman to freely give her “tonga” to young boys around 20 years to “BieGya” in the sight of the man who may be sitting in a wheel chair with paralyzed legs.

But is it everyman who even gets stroke? Studies by Counselor Lutherodt rather says men who engage with women and particularly watch their breasts have low risk of getting stroke. So what is Afia making out herself?

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Watch the video below and see her also talking about a Pastor who ardently loves given women head.

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