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Couple Filmed ‘Having S3x’ on a Public Bus – as the Woman Swigs From a Bottle of Beer (Video)

  • Man and woman filmed putting on a very public display of affection on a bus
  • Pair can be seen simulating sex acts while woman swings from a bottle of beer
  • At one point the woman even exposes her breast as the man kisses it

This is the distrubing moment a couple were filmed getting very close with each other on a public bus in full view of shocked passengers
For three full minutes the pair straddled one-another, simulated sex acts, and swigged from a bottle of beer.
Onlookers filmed in horror as the pair gyrated their hips together and the woman even exposed her breast as the man kissed it.


This is the moment a loved-up couple put on a very amorous display on a public bus to the horror of their fellow passengers

At one point she even exposes her breast as he kisses it in full view of the other people on board.
The pair also simulate sex acts while the bus moves through traffic.
While the man remains facing forward, the woman makes eye contact with passengers behind her, but apparently feels no shame.

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She even looks directly at the camera capturing her actions, but carries on regardless.
After almost three minutes the footage cuts out, though it does not appear the couple were intending to stop.
It is not known exactly when or where the footage was captured, but it appeared online on Sunday where it has since gone viral.


The woman was filmed swigging from a beer bottle and gyrating on top of her male companion, at one point exposing her breast as he kisses it

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