Everyone Has Abandoned Me And I Still Feel Like Committing Suicide – Criss Waddle’s ‘Suicide’ Girl Mary Obeng Says

It’s been ages since we heard of Mary Obeng, the girl who made headlines last year for allegedly attempting suicide due to her relationship with Criss Waddle says she still feels depressed and suicidal because she has been abandoned by friends and family due to the scandal.

Mary Obeng, speaking on Accra Fm’s Drive Time, said that she continues to be teased due to what happened and that has made her life miserable.

Long before Rashida the Black Beauty, Obeng became flavour of the month in Ghana. She was in the public eye for a while after it emerged she attempted to commit suicide over the AMG business star Criss Waddle.

Obeng has since been out of the limelight but she said life has been horrible since and she still feels like killing herself.

Listen to her below…

When the issue came, Criss Waddle asked me not to grant any interview but now things are getting worst. If I had explained to Ghanaians why I was killing myself because of him, it would’ve helped because people now tease me a lot with it.

“My father saw this issue as a disgrace to his work as a pastor so he did not want to comment on it. My father and sister asked me to go back to him (Criss Waddle) because they advised me several times but I did not listen to them. They say I have disgraced the family

“Right now I’m planning to commit suicide because he has made my life miserable. My mum is dead and Waddle has made my caretakers turn their back on me. If I tell you that I’m happy on this planet then I would be telling lies. I try to be happy but it does not work”

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