New Princess Shyngle? Five Times Benedicta Gafah Made Us Compare Her To Shyngle And Her ‘Weija’ Waist

There’s only one Princess Shyngle, there can be no doubt about that. The Gambian/Ghanaian actresses contours can make you an expert in geography just by studying them long enough.

Her body is also quite distinctive, due to years of bodily abuse involving a waist trainer.

So we’ve easily noticed in recent times that some photos of Kumawood actress Benedicta Gafah, whether consciously or unconsciously, seem to be reminding us in someway about Princess Shyngle.

Gafah has been working hard on losing weight in recent months and it seems the goal is a Shyngle type body.

If that’s where she’s headed she’s not doing so bad.

Anyway, check out some photos of Gafah the marine goddess we’ve gathered to show her transition and tell us what you think.