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Davido Just Offered Help To His Name Sake And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

This is David Adeleke.


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And this is David Adeleke as well.


No do Senrere ooohhhhh ?

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Okay, let’s explain well.

So the first David is a writer who got admitted to a media workshop at Yale University

However due to financial constraints had to resort to GoFundMe to crowdfund for his funds to complete his partial scholarship.

People have shared and assisted David in spreading the message.

And at the time of writing, he’s raised $1,779 of $3,500 goal in one day.

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Davido, who is the other David Adeleke got into the picture when he sent David this tweet

Saying he should DM him since they are namesakes.

And to be honest, David’s next tweet after seeing it says it all




Congratulations to the David who’s going to Yale!