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BLACKOUT: Prophet Claims Ghana To Be Plunged Into Three Weeks ‘Dumsor’ Starting On Sunday, May 14

Start stocking your fridges, ironing your shirts and buying more power banks, because a ‘Dumsor’ of biblical proportions is set to hit Ghana soon.

According to Prophet Jackson Kwadwo Adam, much like the darkness plague from the bible, Ghana is set to undergo a three week ‘dumsor’ which would lead to chaos in the country.

Prophet Adam said the blackout would start Sunday, May 14, and would run for three weeks after.

He said due to the long running nature of the blackout, the youth would start agitating and would storm many ministries to demand the issue be solved.

“The youth will be agitated and will accuse the Akufo-Addo led government of incompetence. Some of the youth who cannot stand the heat will also storm various ministries to demand the issue to rectify” he said.

He added that he has seen the prophesy for a while now but his warnings have not been heeded to.