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I Won’t Descend Into The Gutters With Counselor Lutterodt – Nana Aba Anamoah Fires Back

Established Ghanaian Tv personality, Nana Aba Anamoah has for once in her life time opened up about her discreet life, particularly about her relationships and how some of the men felt dating her.

Talking to KSM, she didn’t forget to spit some venom on Counselor Lutterodt‘s reputation for the longtime “Mafa No Saa zone” comment Counselor tagged her and other celebrities with as the reason why they can never marry.

When KSM asked her about her opinion on that particular statement, Nana Aba replied that she was much aware of the comment but she decided to ignore it because it’s not worth her time. Choosing her words carefully, she said “Well, I don’t want to descend into the gutter with people who think they know others better than they themselves know themselves … you know, I heard and saw things on my TL but I didn’t give it my time of day … I don’t have for those things”

As a Guest on KSM’s TGIF show on Metro Tv, the mother of one further lamented that it’s not only Counselor Lutterodt who prioritize marriage for women in the society when they reach a particular age.

“He is not the only who thinks every woman at a certain age must be married … Errm! I have seen a lot of people, I have family err umm people who tell me when are you getting married … I meet strangers for the first time and that’s the question they ask me” she said.

Nana Aba added that she feels fulfilled having a son and a sustaining career that she loves but she can’t phantom why people think women are only complete when they put a ring on their finger. “That’s so archaic” she stated. According to the star newscaster, no portion in the bible coerces all women to marry and until she’s proven wrong then she might tie the knot.

At this point, it almost sounds like Nana Aba has truly taken the born one status as such (mafa no saa) as insinuated by Counselor Lutterodt but actually Nana Aba Anamoah is NOT single as she revealed to KSM. This means there could probably be a Nana Aba marriage soon, that’s if she’s dating with the purpose of a future matrimonial union.

Interestingly, just as much as GhanaCelebrities.com knows, the GhOne Tv News Editor has had a number of relationships and she wasn’t coy to tell KSM. She said in some relationships, she feels some of her partners get intimidated by herself establishment, others supported her whilst others try to woe her to quit her job.

“There were some who couldn’t really be bothered, they urged me on, I was lucky to find some like that … I also found some who didn’t want me to be on Tv, I remember a man I came very close to be serious with, he said that you need to quit this job because you are getting calls from all sort men, we going out and everybody is looking at you and he just couldn’t stand it” she bluntly said.