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My Husband And I Enjoy S*x Almost Every Day – Actress (Video)

Actress Mercy Asiedu has disclosed that her husband and herself enjoy sex and that not a single day goes by without them enjoying the act.

According to her, her body belongs to her husband and vice versa and they choose to use it for the purpose they deem fit and since they are youthful they will not stop enjoying sex.

“We have sex almost every day. As for us, we don’t wait for the weather to decide on when to have s3x when we are in bed and the feeling arises, we also arise to the occasion. We do it almost every day. Even we would have done it before I came but the time you came to pick us was too early that is why we have not done it but we will certainly do it when we get home,” the actress told Delay on the ‘Delay Show’.

She indicated that she is aware other women will certainly want to snatch her man from her but is hopeful to clinch onto him for the rest of her life and that she is certainly not giving up on him.

Mercy Asiedu revealed that she will in a matter of days start her production house to also help contribute to the growth of the Ghana Movie industry.

Mercy Asiedu, a mother of two got married Nana Agyemang Badu who fell in love with the actress through her movie ‘Asoreba’.