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Vicky Zugah – I’m Sorry For Anal S*x Comments

Actress Vicky Zugah is begging for forgiveness from Ghanaians for her comments about her deep, deep love for s*x via the backdoor.

In a contrite Instagram post Monday, Zugah asks for forgiveness, calling for her past mistakes not to overshadow the good works she’s trying to do now (fighting against domestic violence).

Zugah took over the zeitgeist a few days ago after a video of her surfaced online showing her revealing that she loves anal s*x. She made things worse later when she claimed that she never said that, even though there were videos showing her saying exactly that.

For someone who’s been accused of being a pathological liar, that was a very bad move. Seems she’s now realised that and is now asking for forgiveness, arguing that her comments didn’t come out right.

She wrote:

I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong.

Coming across things like this almost on a daily breaks my heart into a million pieces. How do I quit talking about this when it keeps happening? Lend me your ears please. Stop trying to shut me up. I mean no evil. I just want to save as many lives as I can while am still here. Don’t use my mistakes against me. Don’t allow mistakes of yesterday overshadow today’s good intentions.

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I will beg you all if need be. Give me the chance to do this please. I am sorry,I didn’t mean it the way it came out. Something definitely went wrong.Forgive me.”

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