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Kumchacha Vows Never To Pay Any Royalties To GHAMRO – They ‘Need Deliverance’

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) recently unveiled a plan aimed at getting churches in the country to pay royalties on the musics they use during service.

In response, Rev Nicholas Osei, aka Kumchacha, said the organisation needs deliverance if that is the decision they have decided to come up with.

“GHAMRO needs deliverance, how can they tell the musicians in my church to pay money for the sings they sing” Kumchacha said in an interview on Ahotor Fm.

“I will not pay any money for any group” he defiantly added.

GHAMRO’s new push to gain royalties for songs used at any venue for any program, is aimed at raising more money for musicians whose songs are often blasted out at numerous programs such as church services, weddings, funerals etc. – yet earn nothing for its use.