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Mother who keeps Neighbours awake with Noisy S** Forced to Confess after People think it’s her Pregnant Daughter

In order to save her daughter from embarrassment, a 49-year-old mother has been forced to make a public announcement that she’s been the one disturbing neighbours with loud sex noise and not her 31-year-old daughter.

Olga Valerio’s home in New York was named in a report, listing the places with the highest number of complaints about loud sex.

In only 3 months, people had complained about their loud sex 6 times and people started to think the loud noises were being made by her pregnant daughter Dahiana. Dahiana’s photos were splashed across local news outlets because of that.

It got to the extent that her daughter started to receive unwanted attention, including a man offering to pay her $40,000 for sex. At that point, the mother, who was dating 26-year-old Byron Perez and was reluctant to make it public because of their age difference, had to come clean to clear her daughter’s name.

Following her confession, hairstylist Olga and her lover Byron Perez have been dubbed New York City’s loudest lovers. The mum-of-four said she had no idea their bedroom fun was so loud.

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Speaking to the New York Post , she said: “At the beginning I was so embarrassed, but now I’m okay with it. I said, ‘If I need to tell the whole story, I’ll do it.’ I’m doing this for Dahiana.”

Speaking of the embarrassing mix-up, the musician who had been staying with her mum temporarily after a fall out with her ex-boyfriend said it was extremely awkward when people thought she was having sex with her mum’s boyfriend.

She told the Post : “My father is like really old-fashioned, very caught in the old traditional ways, so for him it was like, ‘What? You’re in the paper with your mom’s boyfriend?'”

She added: “My mom and I have always had a good relationship, but not open like that.”

The couple has not let the embarrassing situation stop them from having sex entirely. They now take precautionary measures. The couple admits they used to leave their bedroom window wide open during sex, but they no longer do this.

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