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Pregnant Women Transported On Bamboo Stretchers To Hospitals

A good road network provides an easy access for the transportation of people and their goods, which also promotes commercial activities.

Nonetheless, the situation is not so for the people of Asinesi and its surrounding communities in the Yilo-Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region. investigations reveal that the deplorable condition of their road network hampers easy transportation and has negatively affected health, social and commercial activities in these areas. The situation is worse during the rainy season.

Beside hundreds of potholes that have plagued the foot path, there is also fear of possible flood due to the soil system. It was gathered that the Asinesi foot path, has never witnessed construction, despite series of appeals made by residents to previous administrations.

The bad condition of the footpath has forced commercial tractor operators to shun the route, which has led to the scarcity of commercial tractors, forcing residents to carry sick persons on bamboo made stretchers and trek for about two hours to access health facility at Somanya.

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The people of Asinesi are predominantly farmers. Asinesi is located in the Yilo-Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region with estimated population of one thousand fifty-seven (1057) as at the last census.

The disappointed residents of Asinesi and its adjoining communities complained bitterly to about lack of some basic amenities deserving of an Electoral Area. According to the Assembly Member of the Area, Hon. Tetteh Isaac Amanor, they are not able to transport their farm produce due to the nature of their road thus their farm products are sometimes left to rot. “We are unable to transport our produce to the market in order to make ends meet due to poor nature of their foot path,” he noted

Fuming with anger and passion over what he termed “total neglect on part of successive governments, the Assembly Member said, not even a sick bay nor CHPS Compound was assigned to them to cater for the health needs of his Electoral Area forcing almost all critically pregnant women in labour often be carried on bamboo made strectches from the village (Asinesi) to Somanya which is a two (2) hours walk from Asinesi.

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He alleged that, many lives are lost, several others developed serious complications as a result of delay on the road due to the poor state of the road. `

The residents lamented that, Asinesi has been neglected for far too long, and as a result, the unemployment numbers were swelling on daily basis. They said their situation was worrying because of the lack of jobs.

According to the indigenes, politicians in the area had taken them (people of Asinesi) for granted. They said as Ghanaians they also pay taxes, perform their civic responsibility and so deserve a part of the national cake.

They claimed that several letters had been written to the relevant authorities, several petitions made to point out their grievances but all attempts to seek redress have proven futile.

The ‘rejected community’ has appealed to the Nana Akufo-Addo government to as a matter of urgency to take proactive measures to end the situation by providing them with at least CHPS Compound while they wait for the award and construction of their road.

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