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Nigeria Legend Award conferred on Ghanaian Prostate cancer Doctor on a Mission

Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu a well known figure in the crusade against Prostate cancer in Ghana has been conferred the Nigeria Legend Award by the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency Ambassadors led by the President, Dr. Ife Akinse . The NDLEA role is to discourage the Youth from the usage of wrong drugs and also to prevent the use of adulterated drugs.

The Award was presented in the presence of the Members at the Comforter Gospel Assembly at Ikorodu. Dr. Nyarkotey has established himself as a strong force in the fight against prostate cancer, policy, researcher and management of the disease.

Dr. Nyarkotey played a critical role to help Nigeria Optimum Health and Wellness Foundation to start the Nigeria Prostate cancer project. He has presented a National framework of cancer policy including suggestion of National Cancer Foundation in Nigeria to help address the cancer situation.

The proposal was received by Professor Bishop Rufus A Oguntuase who is the Chairman and National President of Optimum Health and Wellness for Men Foundation to be given to the First lady of Nigeria and the Acting President of Nigeria for special cancer policy consideration in the country.

Dr. Nyarkotey is a genius in the field of prostate cancer. He is the President of Cancer Voices Ghana, Alternative Medical Association of Ghana and Men’s Health Foundation Ghana. Dr. Nyarkotey is shaping cancer services in Africa using what he termed “Medical Politics” to influence government and political leaders to address the cancer situation in Africa.

Dr. Nyarkotey is currently in Nigeria raising awareness of prostate cancer, meeting the people who matters in the area of health including politicians to help address the prostate cancer situation in Nigeria under the invitation of Optimum Health and Wellness for Men foundation. The Nigeria project is under the auspices of Professor Bishop Rufus A. Oguntuase, a very well known figure in Nigeria.