VIDEO: Critics probably have bad eyes – Sculptor of Michael Essien's strange statue

The sculptor who made the statue of Ghana star Micheal Essien has admitted that his creation may not be to everybody’s taste but insists he did a good job.

Pictures of the statue surfaced some weeks, ago attracting loads of comments from social media users most of whom were not impressed by the piece of artwork done by the Kumasi-based sculptor, Ebo Bismark.

Speaking for the first time in an interview with JoySports George Addo Jnr the Sculptor among other things wondered how critics were able to correctly liken the statue to the former Chelsea Star when the artwork was deliberately not labelled.

According to him, that underlines the good work he put out despite the criticisms from major  Sports leading portals.

Watch the full interview Presenter George Addo Jnr had with  Sculptor Ebo Bismark.

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