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Doctor’s report confirms Tennis opponent was not physically attacked or injured in alleged assault by Gyan brothers 

CEO of Websoft Solution, Godwin Martey who has accused the Gyan brothers of assault after Wednesday’s tennis game has been diagnosed by doctors.

The result from the diagnosis proves no signs of physical assault or injuries, has gathered.

Godwin Martey, the Chief Executive Officer of Websoft Solution accused the former Ghana captain and his brother of assaulting him at a Tennis game last night.

Narrating the story to Joy FM, Mr Martey who has reported the case to the Police said, “Most of these controversial points that were in my favour, Baffour Gyan was giving the point to Asamoah Gyan.

“At a point, I became a bit uncomfortable with it. So there was a particular point that to me was obvious that the ball was good, and Baffour Gyan insisted that the point was for Asamoah Gyan.

Mr. Martey who felt he was being unfairly judged by the umpire (Baffour Gyan) added he was yelled at by the former player for protesting.

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“My friend shut up and stand there and play,” he said were the words of Gyan.

He decided to quit the game which infuriated the brothers, descending on him and assaulting him.

“Then he came down and came to hit me that ‘my friend go there, I say go and play’. He was hitting me to go and play,” he added.

“As he was hitting me, Asamoah Gyan came in support of what Baffour was doing – assaulting me.”

Mr. Godwin Martey disclosed he will be suing the brothers for the assault and has already reported to the Cantonments Police.

“I’m suing big time. I’m going to sue…The fact that Baffour threw a challenge to me that I can go to any court, any police station, they can’t do anything, that actually gave me more adrenaline to prove to them that the police force is still a good force,” he said.

“I will sue tortuous liability on the civil case and I will press for the police to also prosecute them criminally. I will fight this to my last blood.”

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Meanwhile, despite the report from the Doctor after his diagnosis, Mr Martey claims he is in pain and traumatized by the situation.

Baffour Gyan, the senior brother of the former Black Stars captain, has refuted the assault claims made by Godwin Martey.

“I and @ASAMOAH_GYAN3 didn’t throw our hands-on Godwin Martey. It was just an exchange of words. The tempers were higher so some of the words we’re harsh and I apologize for that but we didn’t fight him physically. How can we fight at the soldier’s premises?”, he said in an interview on Pure FM.