Football Is No Longer Banned Within Ghana

The pandemic spared no nation at all and Ghana was one of them. Due to the social guideline rules that had risen from the World Health Organisation, Ghana needed to act by banning all sporting events and anything that promoted physical contact, as the numbers associated with infection of COVID were significantly increasing by the day within West Africa.

Despite everything however, now months down the line, sporting fans can very much rejoice within the region, as the ban has very much been lifted. Meaning slowly all sporting events will begin once again.

Ghanaian football has long been covered and accounted for, for betting possibilities within It is a sport betting site that covers a broad range of soccer across the globe, so any Ghanaian sporting fans will definitely find it perfectly matched with the return of their football events. Regardless of the 6-month hiatus, football is back here to stay.

One thing that did happen as a consequence of all the football bans across the country of Ghana, is the fact this ban actually contributed to money problems for many of the clubs that run.

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Many clubs were actually seeking for some kind of relief to support the club during the paused period and this was not just in Ghana, many football clubs across the world suffered the same fate.

The clubs in Ghana make most of their money from the hosted football events, generating cash from the ticket sales of the season, without all that, it really did put club owners in quite a pickle.

New and updated guidelines

With the newly updated moves of opening football clubs back up again, Ghanaian football clubs must adhere to their governmental guidelines if they wish to be back in business. Things such as fans watching the pliers train has now officially become prohibited.

Even then, matches themselves will need to be filled to only 25% of the usual player seating capacity, meaning yes, the football teams are back on their feet, yet will this be enough to run and support the club to its maximum? This is the question that many clubs are wondering these days.

The biggest condition is however, players, coaches and football club directors will constantly need to commit to regular tests, to permit them to have any contact with nearing national football teams from wider circulating sporting events.

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The date that football will be allowed to commence, is from the 30th of October. This will allow the Division One and the Ghana Premier League commence with full staffing and team capacity-just as long as they adhere to the rules in place for player and community protection.

Being that the fans cannot attend training sessions, it does put the rituals for guidelines out of the usual traditions. However, if fans and players wish to return back to the old ways, they must be willing to oblige by the guidelines now. Everyone must start from somewhere and do their part to prevent the virus causing further havoc and damage.

Regular checks

As mentioned previously, the football players and general staff of the football clubs will need to ensure they commit to the frequent tests and check-ups. If there are a high level of positive tests, then the Ministry of Youth and Sports will need to take further action to prevent a wider radius spread.

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The procedure that will follow is still currently unknown, however one thing that was made clear to teams and officials of the club. There will be no hesitation to abruptly close everything once again, if things get beyond being sustained and managed.

Currently to date, Ghana has a total of 17,800 cases, alongside 113 deaths. The rate of infection has lessened however, meaning what government officials have recommended, has definitely made a difference thus far.

Watch all the action

Due to the lower capacity of being able to watch live, fans do have the option to watch from home via their mobile devices and PC’s. By installing a VPN, you can browse all the matches online and ensure maximum security is kept, when you stream from any international website.

Many websites today allow fans to never miss a beat, by providing live football action from leagues across the world. Ghana’s football teams are very active and physical, so make sure you are able to keep up!