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Cops find four men and four dead deer crammed into MINI COOPER


Michael Zennie For Daily Mail Online

14:03 EST, 30 January 2015

16:16 EST, 30 January 2015


Four alleged poachers in Florida turned a yellow Mini Cooper into something of a clown car when the crammed four dead deer into the tiny vehicle – along with themselves. 

Cops say the men in Orange County, Florida, went on a late-night poaching spree on January 21 after a night of partying – then passed out in the car for a nap.

Officers found the men and the poached deer all crammed together in the car with the windows fogged, according to WKMG-TV.

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Packed: Cops found four deer and four men in this yellow Mini Cooper in Orange County, Florida, after a late night of joy riding and alleged deer poaching

The car was packed to the gills an the windows were fogged when cops found it

The men pulled over because they said their car stalled. 

In yet another bizarre twist, cops discovered that the car had stalled because the car was stuck on the carcass of one of the dead deer.

Police say the driver sped up and hit the buck when it was in the road then got stuck on its remains.

Neighbors mocked the foursome for the small-car exploits. 


Arrested: Ronnie Doby, of Haines City, and Thomas Vanzant, of Lake Alfred, were cuffed and taken to jail

Police say the men used this 12-gauge shotgun to shoot three deer

‘I personally still would have never thought my girlfriend’s MINI Coop would have been the coolest thing to shoot some deer in,’ Alicia Diggs told WKMG. 

‘I would have personally probably picked a truck instead of a two-door MINI Coop, with four guys in it.’

Despite the silly circumstances, local residents were furious that the men fired a shotgun so close to their homes. Neighbors said they heard at least two gun shots between 3am and 4am.

Cops found several spent shotgun shells in the Mini Cooper. They also discovered a small amount of marijuana. 

Cops arrested two of the men – Ronnie Doby, of Haines City, and Thomas Vanzant, of Lake Alfred.


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