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Student asks Twitter to send her drinks via Wetherspoons app – the response is better than she could have expected

While you’re still in college or university, having no money is a pretty common dilemma. But one ingenious student figured out how to save her pennies and instead rely on the generosity of others to pay for her drinks at the pub.

Using Twitter and the Wetherspoons app, Amie tweeted to her thousands of Twitter followers asking for some celebratory drink donations for her and a friend – in honour of them finishing their exams – and received way more than she bargained for. 

Amie’s tweet read, “Me and @mhairiesplin had a p*** exam today and we’re both skint. Anyone want to help us drown our sorrows on the Wetherspoons app? We’re at table one at the Hay Stook, East Killbride. xx”

Maybe it was the kisses that did it, but multiple people decided to fulfil Amie’s wishes and send round after round of drinks.

The pair received a bottle of champagne, a single glass of wine, two vodka diet cokes, two glasses of milk (non-alcoholic), two jaeger bombs, smoothies, multiple rounds of beer, multiple rounds of shots, and one cherry Sourz shot.

However, some Twitter users decided to ignore Amie’s requests for drinks and instead send the pair various items on the menu … including a bowl of peas and a side of coleslaw.

As Amie captioned one of her pictures, the Christmas spirit was clearly alive that night.

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