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Mar-a-Lago guest disgusted over being served caviar with plastic spoons

It appears President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort may have been running low on fancy utensils – after a guest became outraged after her caviar was served with plastic spoons.

Maria Rogers (@vacayinbae) was dining at the restaurant at the high-end resort when she received the dish – which she says featured plastic spoons, tarnished silver, and onions not chopped to the correct size.

Both embarrassed and saddened by the caviar presentation, Rogers took to Instagram to express her dismay over the lack of mother of pearl spoons present.

Alongside a picture of the offending meal, she wrote: “I have to do this, but this is a total #disgrace, #shame on #maralago, you can’t serve caviar with plastic spoons! Please offer your caviar with mother-of-pearl spoons and dishes! Wait until you see the accompaniments… #horriblepresentation”

And underneath her original caption, Maria wrote: I’m #embarrassed and #saddened.”

The picture has received more than 400 comments.

However, it appears many of Maria’s followers do not share her outrage over the experience.

A majority of the comments seem to be mocking – with many offering their false condolences for having to survive such a traumatic ordeal.

One person commented: “Thank god you survived that horrible nightmare!”

Another wrote: “That’s insane. I wouldn’t go back there. Sending thoughts and prayers.”

Others took the false pity up a notch – one person commented: “And the history books will show, it wasn’t bragging about sexual assault or unapologetic racism that cost Trump his donor base, it was offensive use of plastic cutlery.”

But despite the hundreds of comments mocking Maria’s outrage – there were some commenters who agreed that the caviar presentation left much to be desired.


How caviar should be served

One commenter defended Maria, stating: “People will have fun with your ‘first world problems’ post but in all seriousness, you’re right. Beyond the lack of proper utensils (mother of pearl is my preference, too) look at the accoutrements. The onions should be very finely minced not diced. Who wants a big piece of onion? Gross! And at a gala charging $250,000 a couple, everything should be the best of the best. What a joke. So cheap.”

Another person wrote: “As a hospitality professional, I agree that using plastic spoons for caviar service is unconscionable.”

And others couldn’t get past the onions.

“Look how poorly cut those shallots are! I would for sure send this back,” wrote one person.

Maria’s accompanying picture of the crackers sent over with the caviar didn’t fare any better in her eyes – she hashtagged them #lowbudget and #disgraceful.

The Independent has reached out to Maria and Mar-a-Lago regarding the incident.

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