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Inspired by Darkest Hour? Stay in former PM's home from home

Thanks to Gary Oldman’s Golden Globe-winning turn as Churchill in Darkest Hour, the world is gripped by the wartime prime minister’s story. 

And now you can sleep in his bedroom.

A house in Leatherhead, Surrey, that belonged to publisher and wartime Cabinet minister Lord Beaverbrook, a friend of Churchill for 50 years, is now known as Beaverbrook, a stunning country house hotel with 18 bedrooms, each named after famous guests who stayed there, including Rudyard Kipling and Elizabeth Taylor.

Churchill’s room was his home from home and Susie Atkinson, the designer behind many of the Soho House properties, has even kept the original bath and loo. 

Set in 400 country acres, prices start from £330 per night. Visit


Gary Oldman as former PM Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour (Zuma Press/PA Images)

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