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Mountaineer becomes first in world to climb frozen waterfall without ropes

These breath-taking images show a fearless climber becoming the first person in the world to ascend a 300m frozen waterfall, without ropes.

Dani Arnold, 33, risked his life to carefully navigate the ice pillar “Beta Block Super” in Kandersteg, Switzerland.

He managed the astonishing feat in just one hour and three minutes – despite the risk of up to 100 tonnes of ice falling on top him.

Dani said: “I don’t want to downplay the risk and the enormous danger as I love my life. But I also love my dreams and ideas.

“And that’s why it was important to me and I’m proud of it. I love ice climbing. My life and the joy I get from taking to the mountains is unchanged.

“And that’s good, because what’s really important is to be healthy, happy and content!”

Dani has broken several speed climbing records in the past, but admits his solo ascent of the ice-fall is one of the scariest he has tackled in his career.

He was the fastest climber in the world to complete the Eiger North Face and Matterhorn in Switzerland, as well as taking on daunting climbs such as Moose’s Tooth in Alaska.

About halfway up the climb, he reached an overhanging section of icicles – which marked a point of no return.


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