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Tom Dixon X IKEA launch flexible modular seating for small spaces

Swedish flat-pack pioneer Ikea has joined forces with British designer Tom Dixon to create a 28-piece modular collection.

Designed to be adapted for multiple uses and spaces — no matter how compact — the range will be launched this month. 

It’s called DELAKTIG, meaning ‘being involved’ in Swedish in reference to the product’s flexibility, which encourages buyers to adapt and modify the set up. 

The modular concept of the collection is based around a durable aluminium frame, available in three sizes. 

Each piece can be turned into an armchair, a conventional sofa, an L-shaped sofa, a chaise longue, a bed, or even a coffee table, thanks to a system of accessories which include soft armrests, cushioned ends and clip-on side tables.

It will even be possible to change the seat’s cover completely.

Many London apartments have an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area meaning space can be at a premium.

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It is often a challenge to find comfortable and civilised ways of eating, sleeping, dining and relaxing in the same room but DELAKTIG promises to adapt itself to most room setups. 

The grooves in each piece even allow for the installation of privacy screens, meaning that friends can sleep in the same room without having to watch each other snore!

Pieces start from £50, with various add-ons including side tables and attachable lamps available. 


You can find a further selection online at Tom Dixon, from February 1.

Accessories include a standing raw aluminium floor lamp, stylish sofa covers and a trendy magazine rack. 

Scroll through the gallery above to see the collection.

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