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Nusr-Et: Diners are leaving Salt Bae's new New York restaurant still hungry

Salt Bae, the Turkish chef who became an internet meme, just opened a New York steakhouse – but it appears it isn’t living up to the hype.

The opening of Nusret Gökçe’s new restaurant called Nusr-Et was highly anticipated, but since its opening in Midtown Manhattan, multiple diners have left unfulfilled and hungry.

Despite a pleasing and comfortable atmosphere, with a dining room capable of seating 150, Nusret Gökçe’s sixth restaurant hasn’t impressed nearly as much as his signature move.

But even his infamous salt-sprinkling technique, the reason for his rise to internet fame, has managed to become stale, according to Eater critic Robert Sietsema.

“With remarkable efficiency and magnetism that drew every eye in the vicinity, he did his little cutting and slapping routine. But we’d already seen it so many times before, on our cell phones and now in person, that it seemed a little stale,” said Sietsema.

But apart from Salt Bae’s theatrics, which he performs for diners throughout the night, the Turkish steakhouse managed to disappoint – earning scathing reviews for its astronomical priced dishes.

While pricey steak is typical for New York City, especially for a restaurant located in the Theatre district, the prices for cuts of meat run significantly higher at Salt Bae’s restaurant – with one steak priced at $275, without sides.

For Sietsema, this meant a meal for two added up to a total of $320, which “even for a steakhouse, seemed expensive.”

Other diners have had similar experiences – with New York Post critic Steve Cuozzo writing: “Last Sunday night, Nusr-Et was Public Rip-off No. 1,” after a meal for three ended up costing a “whopping $521.45 – and left us craving a snack.”

But despite the prices, diners are still flocking to the new restaurant – eager to see Salt Bae in action.

And for some, Salt Bae has not disappointed.

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