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Trump news — live: Trump supporters shut down New York bridge as president says he’ll declare victory if it appears he’s ‘ahead’ on election night

Donald Trump’s supporters shut down a New York bridge as the president confided he would declare victory on election night if it ‘appears’ he’s ahead.

The president will make the claim regardless of how many votes are still being counted in key states like Pennsylvania, according to Axios.

Mr Trump has reportedly talked through the scenario over the past few weeks and plans to appear at a podium and prematurely claim he has won, three people told Axios.

Hundreds of Mr Trump’s supporters temporarily blocked the Mario Cuomo Bridge, which is named after the father of New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo.

The president’s supporters also blocked the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, to sho support for him.

Earlier Mr Trump appeared to praise an incident in Texas which saw a group of his supporters surround a Joe Biden campaign bus.

The FBI have said they are investigating the incident, which led Mr Biden’s campaign to cancel an event due to be held in the state on Friday.

It comes as the US president prepares to hold a series of rallies ahead of election day on Tuesday.

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Trump supporters block New York’s Mario Cuomo Bridge

Caravan of MAGA supporters temporarily blocked bridge outside New York City that is named after governor Andrew Cuomo’s father.

Graeme Massie1 November 2020 22:04


Trump again refuses to commit to peaceful power transfer

“Let’s see what the hell happens,” said Donald Trump at Iowa campaign rally.

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Trump suggests counting votes is attempt to steal election

President made the claim in Iowa at his second campaign rally of the day as he continued to insist the result should be known on 3 November.

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Trump confides he’ll declare Election night victory if appears he’s ‘ahead’

Graeme Massie1 November 2020 20:20


Will New York welcome back Trumps after an election loss?

Graeme Massie1 November 2020 19:30


Trump plans to declare victory on election night 

Donald Trump will declare victory on election night if it looks like he’s ‘ahead’, a reports says.

The president will make the claim regardless of how many votes are still being counted in key states like Pennsylvania, according to Axios.

Graeme Massie1 November 2020 19:24


Graeme Massie1 November 2020 19:04


Three shot after confrontation over stolen Trump yard sign

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Donald Trump’s favourite coronavirus advisor offers apology for RT appearance

The president’s preferred Covid-19 advisor Scott Atlas has apologised for appearing on the Kremlin-back RT network.

Professor Atlas took to Twitter to admit he was wrong to go on the state-controlled network, where he blamed lockdowns for “killing people.”

Graeme Massie1 November 2020 18:28