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2020 polls – live: Biden plans 11th hour Ohio campaign stop as he believes state now ‘within reach’

Joe Biden is set to campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday as his campaign believes the state is now ‘within reach.’

Lady Gaga will join Mr Biden for an election day eve event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, while John Legend will perform at Kamala Harris event in Philadelphia.

The Texas Supreme Court also ruled against attempts by Republicans to block 126,000 “drive-through” votes in Harris County, Texas.

A record 90 million Americans have voted early in the US presidential election, data showed, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden launched a campaign frenzy in the days leading up to the election on Tuesday.

The high number of early voters, representing around 65 per cent of the total turnout in 2016, reflect both an intense interest in the contest and the concerns over exposure to the coronavirus at busy voting places on Tuesday.

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Hello and welcome to the latest polling updates ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 10:20


Record 90 million Americans vote early

The high number of early voters represent about 65 per cent of the total turnout in 2016.

It reflects both the intense interest in the contest and concerns about exposure to coronavirus at busy Election Day voting places on Tuesday.

Donald Trump has launched a campaigning frenzy in the closing days of his re-election campaign, criticising public officials and medical professionals who are trying to combat the pandemic.

Opinion polls show Mr Trump falling behind Joe Biden nationally, but a closer contest in the most competitive states will decide the election.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 10:34


Here is my colleague, Andrew Buncombe, writing from Detroit on the drive-thru rally featuring Barack Obama and Stevie Wonder campaigning for Joe Biden:

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 11:03


Young black men seen as political prize for both sides in US election

This long read looks into how Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election considers young black men a potential soft spot in Joe Biden’s coalition.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 13:11


TV networks adding experts in election law to election night teams

TV networks are adding experts in election law to their election night coverage teams so they are prepared to explain legal challenges or irregularities that may crop up during the vote.

Veteran attorney Ben Ginsberg, who represented George W Bush when the 2000 presidential race was decided in the Supreme Court, has joined CNN while CBS News hired David Becker, founder of the Center for Election Innovation & Research.

“If the country is going to war, you want an admiral or general to help you figure out what is going on,” said David Bohrman, executive producer of CBS’ coverage.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 13:42


‘People are scared’: US election pitting neighbour against neighbour

Across the US, political signs have been set ablaze, cars have been vandalised and shouting matches have proliferated:

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 13:54


Ivanka Trump compares father to Winston Churchill

Ivanka Trump has compared her father to Winston Churchill at a rally in Ohio days before the United States presidential election.

Ms Trump said: “Winston Churchill said, ‘It was the nation that had the lion’s heart, I just had the luck to give it the roar.’

“How much does this remind you of our president and this movement?”

My colleague Emily Goddard has more:

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 14:28


Biden leads Trump by 10 points in latest poll

Joe Biden is 10 points ahead of Donald Trump among voters nationally on the final weekend before election day on Tuesday, according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

The former vice president leads the current president 52 per cent to 42 per cent, similar to Mr Biden’s 11-point advantage in mid-October.

The poll found women and seniors have turned against the president, with both groups favouring Mr Biden.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 14:55


Poll shows US voters don’t want Trump Jr and Ivanka to run for office

Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump should not consider running for office, according to a new exclusive poll commissioned by the Independent.

Voters overwhelmingly reject the idea of a Trump dynasty, with 61 per cent saying neither Mr Trump Jr, 42, nor Ms Trump, 38, should not run.

Harriet Alexander has more details on the exclusive poll:

Ivanka for president? No thanks, says poll of US voters

Exclusive: Most Americans don’t want the president’s children to follow him into politics, an Independent poll findsDonald Trump’s children should not try to follow in his footsteps, according to the Independent’s exclusive new poll

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 15:35


Dr Anthony Fauci appraises Trump and Biden’s coronavirus response

Dr Anthony Fauci has compared Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus crisis with that of his rival Joe Biden.

The US government’s top infectious diseases expert said he believed the Democratic presidential candidate was “taking it seriously from a public health perspective,” while Mr Trump was “looking at it from a different perspective,” which he said was ‘the economy and reopening the country”.

In comments to the Washington Post, Mr Fauci also said the US “could not possibly be positioned more poorly” to stem rising cases as more people gather indoors during the colder fall and winter months. 

He cautioned the the country would need to make an “abrupt change” in public health precautions.

Samuel Osborne1 November 2020 15:54