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US election results – live updates: Trump loses lead over Biden in Georgia as president repeats fraud lies

Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump with a slim vote lead in Georgia, a key swing state, as he inches closer to the White House. The update came as Mr Trump continued to push false claims about electoral fraud, including in a White House address so dishonest that TV networks cut away mid-stream.

Focus is also heavy on Pennsylvania, another battleground where the incumbent’s apparent early lead is disappearing thanks to the widespread use of mail-in ballots, which have favoured his opponent. The secretary of state, Kathy Boockvar, says officials are on the “home stretch” of vote-counting there.

Mr Trump’s baseless claims of electoral fraud have spurred continued protests outside counting centres in key states like Pennsylvania and Arizona. In Philadelphia, police have uncovered a plot to attack a building where ballots were being counted.

The president has also said he wants the Supreme Court to decide the election, but it is not clear what legal grounds the justices would rule on.


Trump tweet about ‘winners and losers’ returns to haunt him

Donald Trump is notorious for his explosive rants on Twitter and particularly for old tweets written prior to his tenure in the White House returning to haunt him, writes Joe Sommerlad.

“There’s always a tweet” has become a common refrain on social media whenever one of the president’s past pronouncements is rediscovered and undermines or contradicts his actions in office.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 11:25


Jon Sharman6 November 2020 11:23


Opinion: Watching Trump claim a vast electoral conspiracy is sickening for America’s friends across the globe

Nothing became Donald Trump’s presidency as his final hours, writes Sean O’Grady.

I cannot sum up Trump’s latest rambling, wheezy, offensive, befuddled, insulting, desperate diatribe better than the CNN journalist Anderson Cooper, who called him “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the sun”. He was too kind, because you’d want to turn the turtle right way up. 

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 10:39


Trump supporters pray in front of Nevada counting centre as crucial ballots tallied

A group of Donald Trump’s supporters gathered outside a Nevada counting centre as votes were being tallied to pray for the president’s re-election, writes Chantal da Silva.

A video broadcast by ABC News showed several Trump supporters kneeling in prayer on the ground outside the Clark County Election Department as counting continued in the potentially pivotal state on Thursday.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 10:33


Reporters wear flak vests to cover Arizona protests

As one Twitter observer pointed out, the two reporters on the ground for this local TV news station in Arizona are wearing body armour as they cover protests in Maricopa County.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 10:43


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Facebook and Instagram to announce winners of election in notifications

Facebook and Instagram will announce the winner of the US election in a notification at the top of users’ feeds, the company has said, writes Andrew Griffin.

The decision comes as misinformation and false claims of victory continue to spread across both networks, despite the fact that no final results have yet been confirmed.

In an attempt to stop the spread of those misleading stories, the company has said that it will show a notification making clear that a winner has been chosen and who that person is, when a final consensus eventually arrives.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 10:23


Germany’s foreign minister criticises Trump for ‘pouring fuel on fire’

Heiko Maas, Germany’s foreign minister, has criticised Donald Trump for “pouring fuel” on the fire of a closely-contested election.

The US is “more than a one-man show”, he said, adding that good losers were more important for a smoothly functioning democracy than great winners.

Mr Trump has continued to spread false claims of electoral fraud and tried to halt the counting of votes in states, like Pennsylvania, where he holds a lead.

Joe Biden has been slowly closing the gap in some state counts as mail-in ballots are tallied.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 10:21


Don Jr criticised after calling for ‘total war’ over election results

Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, is facing backlash after urging his father to “go to total war” over the incoming results of the 2020 election, writes Chantal da Silva.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 09:12


Biden takes lead in Georgia

Joe Biden has taken a dramatic late lead in the vote count for Georgia, having trailed president Donald Trump in the crucial swing state since polls closed on election day, writes Adam Withnall. 

Georgia would provide enough electoral college votes to take the Democrat above the crucial threshold of 270, if he can hold onto his lead in Arizona. Arizona was declared for Mr Biden early on by several networks, but is now being watched closely.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 09:33


Trump asked if he is ‘sore loser’ by CNN reporter after baseless rant about election fraud

Donald Trump was asked if he is a “sore loser” on Thursday night after the president’s 17-minute rant about being “cheated” out of an election victory – by a reporter who has been involved in multiple spats with Mr Trump in the past, writes Stuti Mishra.

CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta directed the question at Mr Trump’s turned back, after the president walked off without taking any follow-ups from the assembled media. Acosta twice called out, “Are you being a sore loser?” before Mr Trump disappeared down a corridor.

Jon Sharman6 November 2020 09:07