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Eric Trump mocked for claiming Democrats are hacking ‘fraud hotline’ to stop complaints

Donald Trump’s son Eric has been resoundingly mocked on Twitter for claiming – without evidence – that the Trump campaign’s “voter fraud hotline” was being spammed by the Democratic Party to bog down “thousands of complaints”.  

“The @DNC is spamming our voter fraud hotline to bog down the thousands of complaints we are receiving!” the president’s 36-year-old son tweeted. “Wonder what they have to hide”.  

Twitter users were quick to ridicule Mr Trump’s allegation.  

“Eric is now working in customer service”, wrote one user – to which someone replied: “No he isn’t. He’s trying to go full Karen on a manager”.  

Another user quipped: “Damn, I wish I thought of that. Great idea”.

“What’s the number? I have nothing better to do”, read another tweet.

“HELP STOP VOTER SUPPRESSION, IRREGULARITIES AND FRAUD”, read the tweet that included a phone number.  

“The only one who can stop this corrupt machine is you … this will be our last chance to save it on November 8”, the recording reportedly said, referring to Election Day 2016.  

By Friday afternoon, the tweet appeared to have been deleted.  

With Democratic nominee Joe Biden poised to win the presidency, the president’s family has been doubling down on baseless claims of election fraud.  

On Election Day, Mr Trump shared a video on Twitter that he claimed showed ballots for his father being destroyed in Virginia.  

The video – which has since been deleted – showed what looked like ballots going up in flames.  

“A concerned citizen shared a video with us that ostensibly shows someone burning ballots”, the statement read. “They are NOT official ballots, they are sample ballots.”