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When does Joe Wicks restart YouTube workouts?

Joe Wicks is set to resume his wildly popular virtual PE sessions on Monday as England settles into its second lockdown.

The lessons began as way for The Body Coach to help kids to keep fit while they were unable to attend school during lockdown, but they fast captured the support of their parents and celebrities alike.

Wicks streamed his final virtual HIIT class in July to coincide with gyms reopening for the first time since March, but he had promised he would “be back” later in the year. 

He had already reduced the regularity of the classes in June when schools began to reopen.

In October, Wicks received an MBE for his efforts during the pandemic.

Now, after a one-off lesson in August, the fitness entrepreneur is returning with his popular virtual workout format to help Britons stay fit during the second lockdown.

When do Joe Wicks’ virtual workouts resume?

Joe Wicks’ new online workouts will resume on Monday 9 November under a new name: “Wake up with Joe”.

The workouts will go live on The Body Coach’s YouTube channel at 6am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout lockdown.

However, the sessions will not be live as they were last time.

Instead, Wicks has confirmed that they will be pre-recorded workouts.

How can you take part in ‘Wake up with Joe’?

In order to join Wicks’ new workout classes, you simply need to visit his YouTube channel at 6am on Monday, where you will find the first of his pre-recorded sessions.

The next session will be released on Wednesday with another one on Friday. 

Every workout will be saved to Wicks’ YouTube video so you can take part at a time that is convenient for you.

What will the workouts themselves be like?

Each workout will be roughly 15 minutes in length.

Wicks has described them as “energy and mood boosting workouts to help you stay fit and find some positivity, energy and help with your mental health”.

He continued: “I need this just as much as you. Our mental health is suffering but we can get through this lockdown together and come out stronger both physically and mentally.”

You can visit Wicks’ YouTube channel here.