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Crawford vs Brook live result, latest updates as ‘Bud’ wins via fourth round stoppage

Kell Brook had his shot at one of the current pound-for-pound best in WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford at the MGM Grand, but was stopped in round four.

The undefeated Nebraskan is widely considered one of the best in the sport right now, and fought for the first time in 11 months in what was an impressive performance. Brook managed to win the first two rounds but lost the third and then was quickly stopped in the fourth, with Crawford unleashing and landing nine of 11 power shots to close the show.


Crawford closes the fight

Here’s that moment.

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:28


Kell Brook

“That’s boxing. The referee saw enough, I lost to the better man tonight. Even though he beat me, I can’t say anything. He has a good eye to land a shot. Nobody has ever done that to me in my career, not in sparring or anything. I’m gutted.”

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:21


Bob Arum

“Errol Spence will try to avoid Terence Crawford as long as he can because he knows he can’t beat Terence Crawford.”

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:20


Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:17


Crawford post-fight

“I was just trying to gauge the distance, find my rhythm. I couldn’t get my shots off.”

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:16


What a finish

It was a short right hand that buzzed Brook, who fell into the ropes to save him falling down. Bud, one of the best finishers in the game, then closed the show in style.

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:11



Terence Crawford ends the fight in round four, landing combinations with Brook getting a standing count before he closes the show. Wow.

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:06


Crawford eye swelling

Crawford’s right eye is swelling up fast, will Brook target it now?

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:05


Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:04


Round 2: Crawford 18-20 Brook

Crawford switches from orthodox to southpaw to close the gap but Brook still does well, taking his time and picking off his opponent. Not much in it right now but I have it 2-0 Brook.

Adam Hamdani15 November 2020 05:00