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Covid third-most common cause of death in England and Wales in October – after not making top 10 month before

The month before, Covid-19 did not make the top ten causes for either country, according to the statistics body.

ONS data shows coronavirus was the underlying cause for nearly seven per cent of all deaths in England in October – and nearly 8 per cent in Wales.

This made the virus the third-most common cause of death for both nations, after dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and ischaemic heart disease, the ONS said. 

Meanwhile in September, coronavirus ranked 19th in England and 24th in Wales. 

The Covid-19 mortality had also “significantly increased” compared to the month before, the ONS said releasing their October statistics. 

The statistics body said the number of deaths registered in England last month was around 2,700 higher than the five-year average, and 258 higher for Wales. 

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