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Trump news – live: Republican senators begin to turn on president as Georgia confirms Biden win


Donald Trump is facing an increasing revolt among Republican senators, with at least three having openly criticised the US president in the last 48 hours.

Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins have all called on the US president to give up his attempts to pressurise state election officials into supporting his baseless claims of mass voter fraud.

The criticism comes as Georgia’s secretary of state on Friday certified Joe Biden as the winner of the state’s recount. With the official results reported, Brad Raffensperger certified that Mr Biden won the recount by 12,670 votes. 


A small group of protesters and supporters greeted the president

Supporters cheer as President Trump’s motorcade entered the Trump International Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia

Supporters cheer as President Trump’s motorcade entered the Trump International Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia

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Protesters hold up signs as the motorcade passes

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Dog walkers against Trump?

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Trump plays golf at personal club following virtual G20 summit

Donald Trump has once again headed to one of his personal golf clubs, this time in Virginia, CNN correspondent Manu Raju reports. 

It comes after the US president took part in a virtual G20 summit with other world leaders. During it, he reportedly said he would “look forward to working with you again for a long time”.  

According to Mr Trump’s public schedule, he has nothing else on for today.

Trump’s daily schedule


Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 16:56


Outrage in Black community over claims of voter fraud in US election

But on Friday, as state officials began recounting ballots in Milwaukee County at the request of Mr Trump’s failed reelection campaign, the office had become, for many residents, a symbol of Republican hypocrisy.

“The president kept talking about Black voices mattering when he attempted to make inroads with the African American community,” said Cavalier Johnson, president of the Milwaukee Common Council. “Then he loses the election, and turns right around and targets the same communities that these Black folks came from.”

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Ronna McDaniel, the Republican Party chairwoman and the Michigan GOP chair Lara Cox have sent a letter to the Michigan board of state canvassers asking them to conduct a “full audit” of the vote in Wayne County before certifying the results. 

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Michigan and Wayne County, which includes Detroit and has a majority black populace, voted heavily in favour of the Democratic candidate. 

Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s secretary of state, has already made clear that such a request is not in accordance with state law. Audits can only be conducted after state canvassers have certified the election.

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 16:23


Trump campaign lying to supporters about election result in emails

Almost every line in the email is at a minimum misleading, at at most outright false. Claims like these appear to be having an effect on Republican voters, many of whom are convinced Mr Trump really did win, despite the wide margin of victory for Joe Biden.

Trump campaign email

(Trump campaign)

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 16:08


Republican lawmakers ‘stayed at Trump hotel’ after meeting with president

Two Republican lawmakers for Michigan, Mike Shirkey and Dan Lauwers, who held a meeting with Donald Trump in the White House on Friday, appear to have stayed the night at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. 

They were spotted having drinks in the bar last night, and this morning were seen leaving the hotel by reporter Melissa Nann Burke. 

Mr Shirkey and Mr Lauwers, following the meeting, released a statement saying they had been presented with no evidence suggesting there had been election fraud in Michigan, something the US president baselessly insists has occurred. 

Needless to say, there are ethical issues with elected officials lining the pockets of the US president.

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 15:56


State Department congratulates Palau candidate on presidential win

The State Department has congratulated the tiny archipelago nation of Palau on its presidential election, which was won by Surangel Whipps Jr. 

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 15:39


Trump’s press secretary Kayleigh McEnany heckled in briefing

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was heckled to concede the president’s defeat during her first briefing in 49 days.

Donald Trump’s spokesperson was shouted at by Playboy reporter Brian Karem as she took questions on the coronavirus.

“When will you admit you lost?” heckled Mr Karem loudly from the back of the briefing room.

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Trump tells world leaders he ‘looks forward to working with them for long time to come’

Donald Trump, in a virtual summit with other G20 leaders this morning, reportedly told them he looked “forward to working with you again for a long time”, according to The Guardian’s Julian Borger. 

Depending on Mr Trump’s interpretation of a long time, this could be considered a false claim, since he will be out of office in less than two months after Joe Biden won the presidential election.

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 15:04


Footage shows Trump praising Obama for ‘peaceful transition of power’

Social media users have been sharing social media footage showing Donald Trump praising Barack Obama for an “orderly and peaceful transfer of power” in 2017. “They have been magnificent,” Mr Trump said of Mr Obama and then-first lady Michelle Obama. 

Earlier this week, as the below clip shows, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, defending Mr Trump’s refusal to concede, claimed that “this president was never given an orderly transition of power”. 

Tom Embury-Dennis21 November 2020 14:56